Tournaments and Playdown

What is a state playdown game?

Massachusetts Hockey (MA Hockey) permits all teams at or above the Squirt/U10 level to compete for a placement in the annual State Tournament. MYH pays the entrance fee for each Medfield team as well as the game fee (i.e. ice and referee fees).  Note: A player must be on the official USA Hockey roster of his or her team, and have played in at least ten regular season games, in order to participate in the playdown segment of the State Tournament. 



Does MYH participate in hockey tournaments?

The decision to participate in a tournament is made by the individual team’s coaches and agreed upon by the families of players on a team. The cost of participation in, and travel to, outside tournaments is borne by the parents of the players attending the tournament. In addition, a player is not required to participate in any outside tournaments. A list of local and out of state tournaments is available on the MA Hockey website.


What does the tuition cover?

Tuition covers ice rentals, league fees, skills sessions, registration fees and such. MYH does not receive any outside funding and pays up $350 for ice time at the various ice arenas we use. MYH is extremely fortunate to have very loyal families and volunteers who contribute their time, effort and money to the program. MYH prides itself on providing an affordable, yet competitive program to its players.


Is financial aid available?

Financial assistance is available. If you need financial assistance, please contact the MYH Treasurer or President. Any financial assistance provided is kept in confidence between the Treasurer and President.

USA Hockey

Why does my player have to register for USA Hockey?

USA Hockey is the governing organization for youth hockey programs in the United States. Every MYH player is required to register with USA hockey prior to the start of an upcoming season.  The registration process (on-line) will calculate a fee based on your child's birth date. Children 6 and under are not charged a fee, but still must be registered. Each player is required to enter their USA Hockey number into their registration profile on the MYH website. In addition, Massachusetts Hockey will also charge a fee when registering with USA Hockey.



Where can I get more information about youth hockey?

USA hockey or Massachusetts Hockey (MA Hockey) websites contain information, provide education as well as interesting articles about the fundamentals of youth hockey. Please refer to the USA Hockey or MA Hockey websites for more information. Additional information can be found on the links page here.

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