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The Medfield Youth Hockey Board voted to create a subcommittee that will focus on fundraising activities for the organization. Fundraising is a crucial component to ensure we have enough resources to fund the program. The Board is committed to keeping our tuition affordable by maintaining our current rates.  However, rising rink and leagues expenses may force us to raise the tuition in the coming years if we do not successfully support the program with fundraising. With successful fundraising initiatives in place, we can provide a lift to MYH revenue to offset these rising costs, and create some additional community among our families that participate in the organization.  

Last year was virtual, and we are planning to get back to in-person fundraising this year with a year-end Parents event, raffle, and silent auction, along with other potential initiatives.  

We are looking for 10 parents to volunteer to be on the subcommittee to focus strictly on fundraising. 

What will be expected from you?

  • Meet regularly (once a month, likely virtual) to plan and coordinate fundraising activities with Josh Tobin (Fundraising Director for the Board). 

  • Be involved in executing the fundraising activities 

While hockey is an expensive sport, many parents pay these expenses because they understand the benefits of hockey. Hockey promotes commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, discipline, and respect for others. The Medfield Youth Hockey Board does not want to raise its tuition as we believe this will deter families from paying for their son or daughter to play hockey. 

Please consider volunteering your time by joining this committee. 

If interested, please contact Josh Tobin @